The Tea House at Kadoya Gallery is an alternate reality. A place where you can step out of the fast lane. A place where we invite people to slow down, to inhabit the present moment, to disconnect in order to connect.
— The Tea Master


The Tea House is a modern take on the timeless ritual of tea time, a sanctuary where guests step out of time and connect to what’s most important. Visit our Tea House and experience it for yourself.


We believe that living a good life means striving to reach our full potential. Our goal is to help you reach this potential, through tea. And it works. Drinking tea yields mental clarity, social intimacy, and physical and spiritual vitality.


Tea is the sum of the earth and the sun and the gentle touch of humankind. Sun and rain, wind and fog, mountains and lowlands, heat and cold, and gently crafted, tea is everything, and tea is for you. In one slight sip, tea becomes you for an instant, and then leaves you forever changed; relaxed and enlivened, warmed and refreshed. Sip again.

Tea is like life. It can be bitter and it can be sweet. It can be strong and it can be weak. Like you, it is mostly water. It can be young or old, smooth or wrinkled, black, white, yellow, brown, green, red. It is there on a hill-side, then here in your cup, then steeped then sipped then gone. It can be soothing or invigorating, stolid or sensual, enrapturing or enlightening. It is alluring and ephemeral. It is the union of the earth and humankind and we offer it to you.